Streamlined workflows, and your documents are safe.

Businesses struggle with 2 things:  Managing documents (paper and digital)  securely and efficiently, and  managing daily workflows and operations  easily and tightly (like managing customers requests, forms, workflows between internal departments).

A complete solution to manage documents, correspondence, and workflows

Know more about ScriptX features

Letters & Correspondence

Manage and record all letters and correspondence issued and received, save a scanned copy of the letter directly to the system, and enable collaboration and review between users. You will be able to search for any letter, no matter how old, using any related information, such as the auto-generated number, subject, involved entities, and more..

Auto-Generated Codes

Unique and persistent code for each correspondence, to be able to track and reach any letter using its code. Coding schema are highly configurable.

Printable Barcode

Generate or print a barcode for each correspondence/letter to make it easy to track it later.

Comprehensive Information

Wide range of information can be saved on letters to make it super easy to search for a letter using any piece of information you may have.


Scan or upload a digital copy of the letter. You can also add any other attachments that may be related to the original letter.

Tasks, Approvals, and Automated Workflows

Any document can be rotated between users to have some actions/tasks performed, or to request approvals. The rotation can be done manually or can be automated using the workflow manager

Notifications and Delivery Receipts

User receive notifications when a document reaches his inbox for action or for approval. Upon confirming or rejecting the request, the original sender is notified.


Users can be added as followers on any document/letter to able to view what’s happening on it.

Workflow States

Manage document states (open, closed, cancelled…etc), manage due dates for different tasks separately.

Workflow Types

Manage your different business processes and operations through the workflow manager. Each workflow type can be flexibly configured to fit your business requirements

Actions & Tasks

Create and manage tasks, due dates, task states, sub-tasks, attachments, reminders, and more.

States & Status Updates

Manage tasks states, create logs on all tasks to record status updates.

Due-dates & Reminders

Assign due-dates, create reminders, and easily track overdue tasks.


Upload or scan attachments related to tasks, for better collaboration.

Task Types & Sub-tasks

Manage task types and define a set of sub-tasks to be added automatically on task creation.

Document Management & Archiving

Manage documents, scan, index, store metadata, and save time, money, and space by digitizing your paper documents.

Advanced Document Scanner

Documents can be uploaded or scanned into the system. Scanner comes with helpful options, and batch scanning support.

Document Viewer

View pdf, office files (word, power-point, excel), and images using the embedded document viewer .


Manage different versions for each document you add, and set the main version to be used.

Metadata & Document Profiles

Define document types, and design metadata fields for each type. Later you can search for any document using any of the metadata fields.

Full-text Search

OCR and document indexing tools are used to store a searchable full-text version of the stored document.


Easy to use, OS-like, with trash feature, copy and move operations, and more.

 Easy, fast, and flexible 


 Designed with modern web standards and best practices 


Email and SMS notifications, and in-app inbox, to stay informed with important events and updates.


RESTful JSON API to enable other applications to integrate with ScriptX.

Dashboard & Reports

Flexible reporting capabilities, PDF and excel export, KPIs, saved searches and custom views.

E-Fax Integration

Integration with E-Fax software to receive documents directly from fax, and auto-fill data.


Flexible authorization system, group-based authorization, and configurable roles.


Complete auditing over all system components to track all users actions.