Less papers, more organization.

ScriptX is a Document Management System designed to efficiently manage  correspondence, documents, workflows, and daily tasks  to keep you in control over your documents and data, organize tasks, and easily manage your daily workflows.

 If you find yourself in one of these situations, you definitely need a document management system 

“An important document is missing, we don't have a copy”
“I can't find that 3-year old important letter”
“A customer case is overdue..I can't even tell why, or what was the last action”
“I feel lost every morning trying to figure out what task should I work on today”
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You will be able to manage your documents, correspondence, tasks and workflows, all in one place

Letters & Correspondence

Scan, record, and track your correspondence easily

Approvals & Workflows

Manage your business processes and workflows, and related approvals and tasks

Actions & Tasks

Manage daily tasks, sub-tasks, reminders and more

Document Archiving

Central management for your documents, with advanced features and tools

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